Let’s Get Physical Friday: Shredding with Jillian Michaels

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I have a confession to make: I’ve fallen off the workout wagon! I had been very proud of my workout efforts for the first several months of the year. I was hitting the gym, or doing home workouts, and running several times a week. I have also been eating better this year, than any other time in my life. I’ve really been on a path to healthier living. I still had cheat days, and weeks where I worked out less than others. But I was pretty consistent… until the last month.

I was playing basketball (which was dumb of me in the first place – I had knee surgery about 10 years ago and tend to get hurt…a lot) and twisted my knee…. the one I had surgery on. It was tender for a few days and I was terrified to do anything. So I took a couple of weeks off. I’m feeling much better, but have been very busy and just haven’t been able to get back on the wagon. Tomorrow will be three weeks since I’ve worked out, except for a few walks and a little bit of dancing at a wedding.

It’s amazing how short a time period can change how you feel about yourself. I haven’t been eating as healthy and I haven’t been working out. I feel like a blob. Others may not notice it, and tell me I’m crazy (which they do), but it doesn’t matter how they see me, it’s how I feel about myself.

So tonight, I’m getting back on the wagon. I’m going to shred with Jillian Michaels.

30 day shred

I have incorporated the 30 Day Shred into my normal workout routine the past few months, but never did it hard core. I would do it once or twice a week, not the 30 days as recommended….until now. I am still nervous about running on my knee, even though I’m not sure Jillian’s high intensity workouts will be any better for it. But I’m willing to try, to at least get me back in shape. And let me tell you, I AM OUT OF SHAPE after three weeks off.

I did the first workout tonight and my arms and legs were killing me! I will be sore tomorrow, but am going to push through it.

The workout includes 3 levels. You do each level for 10 days.

In the past, I’ve only done level 1, so I’m interested to see how the other levels go. I’m also interested to see how my body transforms after 30 days of hardcore workouts. I know I will probably be the only one to notice the changes, but again, I care how I feel about myself, rather than if others notice.

My only concern is actually getting in a workout for 30 straight days. There are some days when I don’t get home until 9 or 10 p.m. and want to grab a quick bite to eat then go to bed. But I am keeping a list of days I get the workout done, so hopefully I’ll keep myself honest. Day 1 is in the books. 29 left to go!

Have you done this series? If so, how did you like it??

Stay tuned for updates!

Let’s Get Physical Friday: Motivation

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Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but it’s been a rough week for me! Saturday and Sunday, I had pretty good workouts at home. Monday I went to a class and Tuesday I ran 3 miles on the treadmill. But then it all went downhill. Wednesday, I couldn’t get full. I was starving. Maybe it was because I had 900 calories left over on Tuesday, or maybe I just love food too much. Thursday, I took the night off to get my hair done (I’m a blonde now). And tonight I will be on the road all evening, so no workout again. Hopefully I can get back on track tomorrow. Maybe a little something will be better than nothing.

But when you have bad weeks like these, we all need some motivation. I have found a lot of motivation the past couple of months on instagram. I am constantly saving pictures and making them my background. This is my current phone background:


I absolutely love this shirt and will have it soon!

Today I wanted to share some other motivations I have found lately. Save them on your computer, or phone, print them out, just keep at it! Happy Friday!