Oh What a Winter!

Ugh! Is it really only February? I am so sick of winter and the cold and snow! I am all about the novelty of the first snow of the season. It’s pretty and it normally means Christmas is around the corner (since it normally happens in late November/early December). But after Christmas, I am ready for warm, outdoor running weather.

We have been lucky the past few winters. Last year our winter was so mild, my husband was able to golf year-round. I think there was only one weekend he couldn’t golf due to wintry weather. This year, it’s been months since he’s been able to hit the links.

It’s been such a cruddy winter that nearly every school in our coverage area has missed all of its allowed calamity days. In Ohio, there has been a push to add more calamity days since nearly the whole state is facing this issue.

big snow

I commute an hour to work each day. In year’s past, I have stayed with coworkers, or at a hotel when it snowed. It was a handful of times a year, at most. This year, I have stayed a DOZEN times! But this year, I don’t dread it nearly as much. I have a couple of coworkers that live close to the station. We have dinner and watch Friends and have gal time. I look forward to coming home each time, spending time with my husband and sleeping in my own bed, but if anything, this wonky weather has bonded the three of us together. Oh and I get to sleep in an hour in the mornings. And one day I even walked to work.


walk through snow


Oh and get this! A couple of weeks ago I spent the weekend at my cousin’s house. When I got there Friday, I couldn’t believe how much more snow she had at her house compared to mine (and my house has had much more than where I work). It was dry all day Friday and Saturday, then we woke up Sunday to snow. We got 3 to 5 MORE inches than what we originally had and I got snowed in. Yes, I got snowed in! That hasn’t happened to me since 2003 when we had a mondo ice storm.

This winter is definitely leaving its mark. And one of our meteorologists says March may be one of the top 10 snowiest March’s on record. This does not make me a happy girl!!

This winter weather has also cramped my reading style. I think we all have this wonderful thought in our head that when it snows, readers always curl up with a good book, a blanket, a fireplace maybe and a hot cocoa. That has NOT been the case for me this winter. I’ve done ok reading so far this year, but I feel like I am behind.  When I’m with the girls, we chat and watch movies and tv and have fun. I still get in a little reading before bed, but not the curl up in a dark and quiet room lit by a fire.  I’m not complaining through. I am still ahead (or on top of) the reading game… and will give up a little reading time for friend time.


I know I’m not the only one feeling the winter blues! Spill it. What’s driving you most nuts about this winter??

AnnAlysis Goals for 2014

Hope that your first day of 2014 has kicked off the year with a bang. We watched the ball drop with great friends and today I stayed in my pj’s until 1, got in a nice 2 mile run in 50 degree weather, and finished my first book of 2014, Don’t Want to Miss a Thing by Jill Mansell.

Every year I have ideas for New Year’s resolutions, but never really put much merit with them. They always include reading and working out and saving money and being the best wife, friend and daughter I can be. I am normally pretty big on lists and numbers, but for some reason, I never set the bar too high for the New Year. There are so many obstacles in the year, I know that a wrench can be thrown and life can change. So, I set vague goals and just push myself throughout the year. I am absolutely my biggest competition, so my goal is always to be better than I was the day before.

In 2014, when it comes to reading, I don’t really have any major goals on my list this year. I feel like I’m in an awesome place with reading. In the past year, I think I have really grown as a reader, opening up to new genres and becoming more literary rather than just being a reader. I also think that is coming with age. As I get older, my tastes in reading change, just like tastes in everything else in life.

I do plan to spend more time with NetGalley this year. I did pretty well toward the end of the year, really knocking out books on my list and getting to them before they are archived.

I also think I need to find a new reading nook at the house this year. My bed is normally my reading haven, but recently, as soon as I sit down and turn on my lamp, I’m out. I may need to move over to my desk chair… or even get rid of my little desk and get a reading chair. Now that’s a thought!

Novels aren’t going to be the only thing on my reading list this year. I’ve been trying to make my way through the Bible. It’s a slow and steady process, but I have a plan worked out, reading a few verses a day. I’m about a month ahead of my goal, so hopefully I can keep on track.

I definitely need to up my game this year on the blog. There were several times in 2013 that I slacked off. Life gets busy. Between work, and my commute, and working out, and reading, my blog really got put on the back burner last year. But this year, I’m going to work on getting reviews up and scheduled and knocking it out early in the week and not worry about logging on late on a Thursday night to bust out a post.

I want to use this year to kind of find a niche for my blog. Obviously it will always be primarily reviews, but I want to get better at life posts as well. Those are the posts that I love to read on other blogs, I just don’t feel like I have anything interesting enough to tell. I’ve tried several memes over the years, but nothing that has really stuck. This is going to take some thought and time, so stick with me and hopefully you’ll be coming back for more than reviews this year.

I’m continuing my healthy lifestyle this year, workout wise at least. I’m a snacker. There are some things I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to give up. But I’m already set up to go to the gym through March, then will determine if it’s nice enough to get back outside, or if I need to add another month. I kicked off my workout plan today, with a two mile run, some abs, squats and a little weights. My main fitness goal for this year is to run in more races. I only did one last year and it was my best time as an adult, but didn’t sign up for any others. I want to try to run in a race a month this year. We’ll see how that goes. I need to up my mileage quite a bit to become competitive again.

Saving money is always on my resolution list. This year it’s definitely a priority as we continue to look for a home and I start shopping for a new vehicle. It’s going to be a frugal ’14.

And finally: Be a good person. Be a good wife. Be a good friend. Be a good daughter, sister, etc.

I am really looking forward to this year and what it has in store! I hope you’ve set the bar high for this year.

“You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” -CS Lewis

Let’s Get Physical Friday: All Eyes and Hearts on Boston

Runner Blog

Happy Friday! Hope you all had a wonderful week. It’s been a while since we’ve had a Let’s Get Physical Friday here. Don’t worry, I’m still on my path to get fit. My gym membership ran out a couple of weeks ago, so no more classes and inside workouts. It’s finally nice enough to get outside and get stuff done. I am now running 2-3 weeknights and 1-2 times on the weekend and do some arm and ab workouts at home, along with my squats. The two months in the gym helped me mold a routine that I am now loving.

For the past two weeks though, running has had a new meaning for me. I no longer run for myself. I am running for Boston.

i run for boston
And I’m not the only one! Isn’t that shirt awesome? Click the picture to check them out at Ruffles With Love on Etsy.

I have been sorting out what I wanted to do with this post for two weeks now, partly for the running angle, but also the news angle. I will always be a news girl, so stories like this are always in m heart.

I still consider myself a newbie runner. I’ve never even come close to running a marathon. I ran cross country in high school because I needed something to keep me in shape for basketball. I’m still stoked to get under 30 minutes in a 5K…. which I crushed twice this week ;) But, I am a runner. I love to run. I love competing against my records. I love people watching in the park while I run. I love seeing the same people out running every time I go. I love finding new paths to run. I love to turn on my Pandora radio and just go. Those are all things that I have come to expect with running. Throw on a pair of shoes and I’ll find what I’m looking for and maybe more. What I didn’t expect was heartbreak in the running community.

Along with identifying myself as a runner, I’m also a journalist. So this story hit me from two different angles. We were in our afternoon meeting last week, when a guy rushed in and said he heard there was a bombing at the Boston Marathon. At first we didn’t think it was true. None of us had received alerts, and you know we all sign up for everything possible! Several people immediately pulled out their phones and within seconds, it seemed, we had live coverage from Boston. NBC took over from local coverage and we all watched, stunned at what was being reported. I produce our 6pm newscast, which is strictly local news. National news comes on after us, so we rarely report out of the tri-state. Not the case Monday. We had several stories on Boston, as well as a live press conference with the President. After six years in the business, you never know what to expect. The shock that hit us Monday didn’t leave the newsroom all week, and even this week, we are still talking about it and digging for more information on how and why this happened. The next day, new information is released, we hear stories of heroism. Then we see possible suspect pictures. Then Friday, I woke up to several alerts on my phone about a shootout and I couldn’t turn myself away from the TV all day. Luckily I’m in a business where TVs are everywhere. Friday night, as the capture of Dzhokhar was going down, I was shopping, with my Sirius radio tuned into a news station and my ear buds in my ears. With events like this, no matter how far away you are, in the news business, you are impacted. Someone at home will know someone there. Someone nearby will be impacted, bringing the story close to home.

I met some of those people last week. There’s a running club in Huntington, called the Huntington Road Runners. Even though I consider myself a runner, albeit a newbie, I had never heard of this group before. Last Tuesday, while covering local angles of the Boston Marathon Bombings, we ran across an event this group was holding. A local 2.62 mile run around Marshall University. I found out several people involved in the group, and in the run, have run in the Marathon before and two of their own were in it this year. They came home safely. For some reason, I had my running clothes with me that night, and I decided to take part. I know that I’m not up to running club standard, but I wanted to do it for others, and I wanted to be part of the running community on this night. I think more than anything, I was nervous about running with a group. I run by myself. I am very competitive, so I am constantly working to beat my personal records and time and shave off seconds from nearly every run, and continue to add mileage. But running with others?? One thing I learned: There’s a bond in the community that can’t be broken.

Before the run, we all gathered for a quick speech, group prayer and a lighting of a blue and gold candle, Boston Marathon colors. It was very moving, even though we were hundreds of miles away from the scene. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to finish the whole run. A crazy summer-like storm was rolling through and lighting up the sky, and I ducked out after one mile since I still had quite the commute. But that was all I needed. As we all started running, there were several people in the area who started clapping. It was an amazing experience to be part of, and not one that any of us did it for ourselves.

I’ve heard of several runs like this that have happened across the country in the past two weeks and would love to hear from you if you took part in one!

I’ll leave you on some amazing words spoken by the young man who put together the 2.62 mile run: We will still run, but we will not run away.

To check out my pictures from the group run, follow my on Instagram @kariannalysis.

Let’s Get Physical Friday: A Quick Workout

Runner Blog
Happy Friday friends! Hope you’ve had a great week! This week was spring break at Marshall University, so the Rec Center had limited hours and no classes. BUMMER! But I did some fun stuff. Got in a great interval workout on the treadmill and two other days of getting in quick mile runs and arm workouts. I feel like I am getting guns. Get your tickets ladies and gentlemen!

Now we all know that even though we really want to work out and find and make the time to do it, we don’t always have time to get in a long workout. As much as I love to run, I don’t always have time for 45 consecutive minutes to work out. Sometimes I just have a few minutes in the morning and a few minutes in the evening. So it’s always nice to have those quick workouts.

My favorite quick workout is the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. It’s a 20 minute workout that mixes up cardio, abs and strength. As many times as I do it (which is 2-3 times a week), it still kicks my butt.

But even as much as I love it, I have to change my workouts up.

Some things that I do every night, no matter how much time I have, I always do 50 squats, a little bit of abs (whatever I feel like that day…. sometimes they are crunches, and reverse crunches, and the bicycle, or whatever else sounds fun), and some pushups (these vary from 10-45 depending on how my arms feel). I can get that done in 5-10 minutes and always feel great after it.

So where is the best place to find a quick workout? Where’s the best place to find anything? Pinterest! Duh!

Here are some quick workouts I’ve found recently… hope they help you out. I plan to add them in on days when I don’t feel like doing much, but know I need to.

legs and butt2
firm your butt

Tight Cheeks Workout

Brazilian Butt Lift

brazilian butt lift

10 Minute CrossFit

Tone Arms Fast

tone arms
six pack abs

 Kettle Bell Workout

kettle bell workout

Soooo there’s a few for you to choose from. Click on the picture and it will take you to a link with more info (if it’s not on the picture) or the website where it came from. Enjoy! Let me know if you try any!!

Let’s Get Physical Friday

Runner Blog

Soooo Happy Friday! Hope you are having a great week. This Friday’s post is going to be short and sweet, like my workouts and my mood this week. Yesterday I compared myself to grumpy cat.


This has been a week of ups and downs for me. I did Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred Saturday, Sunday and Monday. By Monday, I felt like it was getting easier. Normally I do it only once or twice a week. I think if I did it for 30 straight days, I would definitely feel it.

Tuesday I got sick and couldn’t work out. I was in bed for 12 hours.

Wednesday…. well Wednesday we tried something different. We tried a Yoga Body Burn class. It was the first yoga class my workout bud and I took at the rec center at Marshall. We had hoped that Body Burn meant Power Yoga. We were wrong. This was very mind, body and soul, but it was a good workout. We focused on balance. Here are some poses (click on the photo to check out where it came from originally):


While it wasn’t what we expected, the class actually went very well. I have done a couple of DVDs and online videos, but nothing in a real class setting. I was nervous at first, but by the time the class was over, I felt very comfortable and relaxed. Now that it’s been a couple of days, I’m still having a love/hate relationship with this class. I felt great, but I am not sure if this calm and collected suits my personality. I normally do high impact exercises that boost my mood. I was calm, but then felt like I fell into a well and couldn’t get out of it. I am absolutely not throwing yoga out the door, but will need to mix in some other workouts if I stick with it in the future. And the class is only offered on Wednesdays, which I normally spend with my friend and here babe, so we may have to change our schedules a little to work yoga in a little more.

Thursday, I was super lazy. I got in some steps at the mall, then all I wanted to do was sit in bed and watch Psych and knit and work on my blog. So this week Tuesday and Thursday are my days off. I have to work late tonight, so I will either get in a late workout when I get home, or a double long workout Saturday morning.

I think the thing I learned this week was that I definitely like high impact, high calorie burning exercises. I love the feeling after a yoga workout, but can’t rely on that for a mood boost, which I count on after workouts. I am too high energy for my own good.

I also think when I’m in the need for yoga, I may work in the Jillian Michaels yoga DVD. It was one of the first workouts I did when I decided to get fit this year and love, love, loved it. Do you guys have any yoga suggestions for me?