Let’s Get Physical Friday: Motivation

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Happy Friday! I don’t know about you, but it’s been a rough week for me! Saturday and Sunday, I had pretty good workouts at home. Monday I went to a class and Tuesday I ran 3 miles on the treadmill. But then it all went downhill. Wednesday, I couldn’t get full. I was starving. Maybe it was because I had 900 calories left over on Tuesday, or maybe I just love food too much. Thursday, I took the night off to get my hair done (I’m a blonde now). And tonight I will be on the road all evening, so no workout again. Hopefully I can get back on track tomorrow. Maybe a little something will be better than nothing.

But when you have bad weeks like these, we all need some motivation. I have found a lot of motivation the past couple of months on instagram. I am constantly saving pictures and making them my background. This is my current phone background:


I absolutely love this shirt and will have it soon!

Today I wanted to share some other motivations I have found lately. Save them on your computer, or phone, print them out, just keep at it! Happy Friday!


Let’s Get Physical Friday: Workout Blogs

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Happy Friday! Hope you’ve been getting physical the past couple of weeks. It’s been an interesting two weeks at the gym for me. A coworker and I are testing the waters in different classes. We took a spin class…. wasn’t for us. We found a Zumba class we loved… and the instructor no longer works there. We tried a different Zumba class… and it just wasn’t the same. We tried a new circuit training class and holy cow, I had to sit with a heat pack to make the soreness less intense. Needless to say, these two weeks have been about learning what works and what doesn’t for us.

I am definitely the kind of workout gal that needs motivation. I need to change up my workouts so I don’t get bored. I need to see a nice quote on the lock screen of my phone. I need new workout gear to make me want to go to the gym to wear it. I also need to read what others are doing. I have been blogging for four years now. I’ve always blogged about books, but my blog also changes with my interests. Same goes for the blogs I follow. Lately, I’ve been looking for motivation from other bloggers. We all have different goals, but we all have the same ultimate goal: be healthy, be fit.

I was talking to a co-worker this week about working out. He mentioned something to me and my was response was, “I know I’m skinny.” His was response was that he wished more women would be able to recognize that. Listen guys, I know I’m skinny. I’m not here, working my butt off 5 days a week, to try to lose weight. I want to be healthy, I want to be happy. I’ve been going pretty hardcore for two months now and have lost one pound. No matter your weight, or how fit you are, the criticism doesn’t stop. Someone is always going to find something wrong with what you are doing if they don’t understand it. That’s why it’s important to put yourself into a community of people who do understand. And that’s my goal today. I want to share some of my favorite fitness blogs with you that I have found over the past couple of months.

My first two are easy. They are my favorite! Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to Brandi and Meg AKA Mama Laughlin and SkinnyMeg:

mama and meg

These two ladies are my favorite to follow online. I follow their blogs, I follow them on Instagram. I feel like I know them and love them. They both have amazing weight loss stories and are true inspirations. Their blogs are real, their stories are real. And let’s face it, these ladies are REAL BADASS! They work their butts off and it shows!

I’ve become a smidge obsessed with following workout and weight loss blogs. Here are some of my other favorites that I look forward to on my feed daily:

Erin over at Live Life Active: Erin is a former emotional eater who has taken her health into her own hands. She has lost 30 pounds (and looks great). She shares stories from others and some great workouts for specific problem areas.

Gina at Fitnessista: Gina provides quick and effective workouts as well as healthy recipes.

Fit Bottomed Girls: GREAT website for women. They have everything from reviews on products to personal weight loss accounts on their blog. I love this blog because, let’s face it, after a while all of our posts start to sound the same when we are taking about one topic. There are several ladies who participate in this blog. I love hearing from all of them. They all offer different perspectives and aspects to healthy living.

Yoga Dork: Yoga was the first “real” workout I did when I decided to get fit this year. I’ve done a few different yoga exercises, but power yoga is definitely my favorite. This blog has yoga everything and I’ve really learned a lot about the art from his blog.

Ashley at Coffee Cake and Cardio: I have just recently started following her blog and I only have one thing to say: She. Plays. Football. Like full contact. Enough said. Follow her!

Monica at Run Eat Repeat: I love this girl because she loves to eat as much as she loves to workout. I have always loved to run, but took a few years (too many) off after having knee surgery. I started again last summer and am still trying to get back to where I was when I was super fit in high school (is that even possible?). Follow Monica’s blog for all kinds of running goodness.

Karri at Babe Before Baby: Karri and her husband are talking about having kids and she wants to get healthy before the baby comes into the picture. Yes, she knows that she will gain weight while being pregnant, but if she doesn’t do it now, when will she? This is a great blog and great perspective for women before they have a child.

Elle Noel: I just stumbled across this blog this week and am loving it. Remember I mentioned I need little motivational messages? Well she puts them on all of her posts. She also has posted some really yummy looking recipes!

What’s awesome about almost all of the above bloggers? Not only are they sharing their stories on their websites, they are also sharing them on Instagram. I am truly obsessed with Instagram right now. I have been for a while, but I love finding new people to follow and become “friends” with. I am not a stalker….but I will pretend that we are real life friends when I talk about their blogs or feeds. Don’t we all? So click on the links above to follow their blogs and check them out on Instagram. If you can’t find them, leave a comment and I’ll get you their IG names.

And, I know there are TONS of other fitness blogs that I have not found yet. What are your favorites? Leave a comment with a link and I’ll add them at the bottom of this feed for others!

Have a great weekend.

Let’s Get Physical Friday: Food Apps

Happy Friday friends! Hope you are having a great week and getting in some good workouts, or just eating a little healthier.

A coworker and I checked out a gym last night and the guy who gave us the tour said that it was the busiest it would be because everyone is still going strong on their resolutions of being healthier. He said it would thin out in the next couple of weeks. I loved all the action. There were people everywhere. Nice little motivation. But more on the gym in another post.

Today’s post is about apps. One thing that is amazing about smart phones is that you can find an app for nearly everything. I have 4 workout apps on my phone and love them. They help keep me accountable.

The ones I want to talk about today are calorie counting apps. There are two that I have used that I really like.

The first is MyFitnessPal. I ran across this app a couple of years ago when I first got my iPhone and fell in love with it, but then I fell off the wagon. I wasn’t doing the whole fitness thing healthy, just trying to not go over my calorie intake for the day. A couple of years later and wiser, I am using it again and can tell the difference in knowing what I am doing.

So this app is free and the goal is to keep track of calories with it. Granted, you can’t only keep track of calories, and need to look at things like sodium and carbs as well, but it’s a start. You can make an account MyFitnessPal and put in what your plan is. Mine is to maintain my weight, but you can also make a plan to lose a few pounds, or gain a few pounds, whatever you wish.

Here are a couple of screen shots of the app:

The first is the home screen, which lets you know how you are doing for the day. You can also check out what your friends are doing if they are using the app, with a news feed.

The second picture is a shot of your diary page. On this page, you can check out your numbers for the day and add in your foods. You can add your foods by meals, and a great feature of this app is you don’t have to add all your meals in manually. You can take a picture of the bar code and it will automatically add the food. It’s great! and I can add in my breakfast and lunch the night before as I am packing my lunch box. You can also add in how much water you drink daily.

On the app, you can also check your daily progress, or however often you weigh yourself, and how your friends are doing.

Don’t have a smart phone? Don’t worry! There’s also a website, MyFitnessPal.com and you can do all of this online!

I also recently tried out the app called LoseIt, which also has a website. It is very similar to MyFitnessPal, but I was able to connect it to my FitBit (Also have a post coming on it soon) and they work together. It amazes me. On my diary page, when I sync my FitBit, it automatically updates MyFitnessPal and adjusts my calories.

You can also use LoseIt online, and both sites offer free memberships.

There are a couple of things to remember if you are going to use an app like this. First and foremost, you can’t quit eating. The apps will give you a suggestion of how many calories you should eat to meet your weight goal. You can also check it out here.  Second, the best thing to keep in mind is that the more you workout, the more calories you can eat. There are some nights when I’m more hungry than others, or know that I am going to a function that isn’t necessarily going to have healthy food. On these days, I’ll make sure to work out, or work out a little harder, so I have a little more wiggle room.

If you want to check out some CDC recommendations on calorie intake, click here.

Do you use an app like this? Have another one that I don’t know about?? Or have one of these apps helped you lose weight??

If you haven’t heard of these and are going to check them out, let me know! I’ll add you as a friend so we can encourage each other along the way.