Etsy Find Fridays: Brooch Bouquet

I cannot rave enough about this meme started by my pal WriteMeg! Every week I gush about it and every week I love it more and more .

This week, I had planned to do a post about awesome Jane Eyre stuff that I found on Etsy, but got sidetracked when a friend of mine posted on Twitter about a brooch bouquet.

I’ve been in love with the brooch bouquet since Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton got married this summer.

She used a brooch bouquet and had everyone that attended her shower bring in a brooch to add to it.

I am not a huge fan of flowers because they are expensive and they die. I wish I would have seen this before my wedding and I definitely would have done it.

It’s such an awesome wedding keepsake.

I tried to talk my cousin into doing something similar to this, but she had her heart set on roses, and I wasn’t fighting a bride ;)

I actually forgot about the bouquets until today and never thought to look on Etsy. They have everything else, why not these?? I heard there were a lot to offer on Etsy.

I would rather have made one myself, but if you aren’t crafty and need assistance, maybe you could go with one of these and add a few personal touches of your own.


Now one thing I learned while looking up these bouquets is that they are not cheap. Real flowers may actually be cheaper. I found a few that were $500+ and one that was even $1200. So, unless you are rolling in the dough, or just want to splurge, these may just be some good ideas that you can learn from. Sorry vendors, I know that doesn’t help your sales.

As always, if you want to check out the Etsy shop for each bouquet, just click on the picture.

Do you know anyone that has done bouquets like this? If so, please send me a picture!