The Sixth Station Giveaway Winner

Drumroll please……. Happy Friday friends. We have a winner for The Sixth Station giveaway that I’ve been hosting this week. I know that his lovely lady will very much enjoy this book and I know she has had her fingers crossed. It must have worked.

The winner is: ANN MEADOWS!

Ann I will be emailing you to get your address and get the book headed your way! Can’t wait to hear how you like it!

AnnAlysis & Giveaway: The Sixth Station

the sixth stationFrom
Some say Demiel ben Yusef is the world’s most dangerous terrorist, personally responsible for bombings and riots that have claimed the lives of thousands. Others insist he is a man of peace, a miracle worker, and possibly even the Son of God. His trial in New York City for crimes against humanity attracts scores of protestors, as well as media and religious leaders from around the world.

Cynical reporter Alessandra Russo heads to the UN hoping for a piece of the action, but soon becomes entangled in controversy and suspicion when ben Yusef singles her out for attention among all other reporters. As Alessandra begins digging into ben Yusef’s past, she is already in more danger than she knows—and when she is falsely accused of murder during her investigation, she is forced to flee New York.

On the run from unknown enemies, Alessandra finds herself on the trail of a global conspiracy and a story that could shake the world to its foundations. Is Demiel ben Yusef the Second Coming or the Antichrist? The truth may lie in the secret history of the Holy Family, a group of Templars who defied the church, and a mysterious relic stained with the sacred blood of Christ Himself.

My Thoughts:
There is not a whole lot you can say in a review for this book without major spoilers, so I will make this short and sweet. If you like Dan Brown, I think this book will be right up your alley. I’ve never been huge on religious books, but the older I get, the more I like to add them in once or twice a year to expand on the genres I am reading.

Whether you like books based on religion or not, this is a fast paced thriller that will have you turning the pages quickly. I read this book in two days and couldn’t get enough. There were multiple times that I gasped while reading because I couldn’t believe what was going on. Granted, it does get a little unrealistic at times, but what do you expect when you have a journalist trying to answer questions that are thousands of years old? It’s obviously not going to be easy.

I loved Alessandra’s character. I can always relate to journalists, and live vicariously through those who go on the story of a lifetime.

And I absolutely give a high five, thumbs up, and fist bump to Stasi for the obvious countless hours worth of research she put into this novel. And believe me, if I ever head to Europe again, I am adding some of the locations in her novel to my “must see places.”

I give The Sixth Station 5 out of 5 bookmarks.

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Released: January 2013
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I was sent not one, but two copies of this book with a note, saying I should share one with you guys. And all you have to do to win is leave a comment with your email address. The winner will be chosen on FRIDAY AT NOON and I will email you and get the book sent out by Monday. Leave a comment, win a book. Easy peasy!

Cover Reveal and Giveaway: The Red Choker

Happy Wednesday! I have a special post for you guys today. Stephanie Alexander, who stunned me with The Cracked Slipper, has a new book coming out Friday called The Red Choker. This is a sequel to The Cracked Slipper and I cannot wait to read the follow up.

So today, I am giving you a sneak peek at what you can see this Friday. Here is the cover of The Red Choker:

The Red Chokerjpg

Here’s the synopsis of the story:
Eleanor Brice Desmarais, she of the cracked glass slipper and unladylike intellectual propensities, has learned that happily-ever-after is as rare as a frozen dragon, even for a happenstance princess. She survived a plot against her life, but her marriage to the alcoholic, womanizing Prince Gregory of Cartheigh remains at best a sham, and at worse, a potential noose around her neck.

 Eleanor understands the harsh realities of women’s lives in her kingdom, so she turns her energies to a school for impoverished girls. She hopes to give them new opportunities, but the temptations of the streets and an ominous plot to bring down the witches of Afar Creek Abbey threaten to close the school forever.

She finds joy in stolen hours with her lover, Dorian Finley, but her husband’s increasing suspicions, her stepsister’s continued scheming, and her own conscience create a rift between Eleanor and Dorian that seems insurmountable. A witch’s spell and a beautiful necklace are all that stand between Eleanor and a most permanent, and dangerous, heartbreak.

The Red Choker is the sequel to Stephanie Alexander’s bestselling debut novel, The Cracked Slipper.
Now, the best part of this post? I have an e-book copy of this book that I am giving away through Amazon and all you have to do is enter you name and email address in the comment section. We will pick a random winner on FRIDAY! So get your comments in, spread the word, unless you want to keep it to yourself to increase your chances of winning :)

One Breath Away Giveaway Winner

I have to say that I am shocked that more people didn’t sign up to  win One Breath Away. I pimped it out on Twitter and Heather, the author, even retweeted all of my tweets about the giveaway. But I’m sure our winner is not complaining. And the winner is…..


Pam, Keep your eye out for an email and the book will be coming to you soon! Hope you enjoy!