AnnAlysis: The Summer My Life Began

Em has had her life planned out for as long as she can remember. As she graduates high school, her summer will be spent working in a law office before heading to the Ivy League school of her choice. Her life has always been lived by the book. The only thing she has ever done out of line was sneak into the kitchen with the family’s cook. She would never tell a soul other than her sister, but cooking is her passion and she is really good at it.

But then Em gets a letter from her aunt, inviting her to spend the summer on the beach. Em didn’t even know she had an aunt and her mom and grandmother are very stern and secretive when asked. Em decides for once in her life that she is going to do what she wants rather than what is expected and will have the summer of her life learning more in a month than she has in 18 years.

Along the way she meets a cute boy, finally gets to cook as she pleases and learns a deep dark family secret that will change her life forever.

Shannon Greenland has written an awesome kickoff to summer book! It’s fun and summery and there’s love and secrets and a B&B! Who doesn’t love a B&B? That’s actually one of the things that I am so in love with about this book. Since watching Gilmore Girls for years, I fell in love with bed and breakfasts. They are so charming and unique. I’ve never stayed in one, but it’s on my list of things to do. Excited list, huh?

From the beginning of this book, I was one with Em. She grew up in a good family, worked hard and as a teenager was preparing for her future. My parents weren’t nearly as strict as Em’s and with help a little guidance, they let me make all of my big decisions from school to career and job. But I understand where Em is coming from. She has a name to live up to and wants to succeed. Failure is not an option in her family. There are very high expectations and she will meet them, because that’s who she is. She will go into law because that is what is expected of her, although her passion is cooking. Growing up, other than sports, I never really had a passion that I had to put down to pursue a career. At this stage in my life, I would love to write and open a little shop and do crafts for a living, but like Em feels, that is not really an option.

This is definitely a book about following your heart and following your passion no matter what road is already paved ahead of you. Granted, it may cause some heartache and you may no make it, there is no guarantee you will fail unless you don’t try.

This book has kind of given me a little hope this spring. I’ve been writing for a couple of years now and have been sending out letters to agents, with no luck. But this book urged to keep the fire going and even work on some of my other passions, like crafts and knitting and see where they take me.

This is a great book for teenage girls who are trying to find their way in life and figure out who exactly they are and who they want to be as women.

I give The Summer My Life Began 5 bookmarks.

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