AnnAlysis: An Angel for Christmas

Although they spend every Christmas together in a cabin that has been in their family for generations, it’s not always a cheery time for the MacDougal family. It doesn’t take long for old habits to spark new fights this year, but finding a man, beaten and fighting for his life may change things.

But the MacDougal’s are leery of the stranger, unsure if he is a cop like he says, or a criminal impersonating a cop. And it doesn’t help when another man shows up, claiming the same story.

One of these men will turn out to be an angel who saves the MacDougal’s this Christmas and the other will prove to be a fallen angel.
First off, this family spends Christmas the way I want to, in a cabin, in a snowy town, away from everyone and everything else. It just sounds magical!

As with all books, there are characters you fall in love with. That happened immediately for me in this book, with actually a few of the characters. Unfortunately, one of those characters later became questionable in their motives, but we always give characters a chance right? :)

This book was such a page turner with twists and turns throughout. Normally I love reading holiday books because they are light and fluffy and cheery to match the season. While this one left you with that fuzzy feeling, there were several times that I wasn’t sure the miracle needed would pull through. But who am I kidding? We know all of these books end happily…right??? But this book was anything but predictable!

I normally try to cram in as many holiday themed books as I can from Thanksgiving until┬áNew Years. I tried to start another one after finishing An Angel for Christmas and just couldn’t get into anything else. This book offered everything I was looking for and neatly tied a bow on my holiday reading.

I give An Angel for Christmas 4 bookmarks.

ISBN: 978-0778312796
Released: September 2011
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